Pipe and Tube Market Research

Pipe and Tube Market Research

For over 50 years, Ducker Worldwide has provided our clients throughout the world in-depth research, practiced analysis and cutting edge market intelligence within the pipe and tube industry.

Ducker Worldwide has significant experience within the pipe and tube industry helping clients to understand their position in the market as well as the competitive environment and best practices. We have studied many facets of the industry including new applications and sales prospects, both rip and replace and in-place rehabilitation, and seamless pipe and tube. It is common within this industry for manufacturers to have a lack of knowledge about their own products’ distribution path and end application, and in order to grow business and create an effective business strategy this knowledge is necessary.

Critical issues within the pipe and tube industry include:

  • Industry applications and requirements
  • Comprehension of primary applications
  • Overall size of the market and competitive environment
  • Competition from low cost labor overseas and tariffs emerging in the industry
  • Understanding the purchase decision process used by customers

Industry applications for pipe and tube include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Water and wastewater
  • Marine
  • Transportation (Automotive, Aerospace, Truck and Trailer)
  • Power generation
  • Mining
  • Building and construction (Architecture, signs)
  • Consumer durables (Sporting goods, specialty furniture)

Our team holds proprietary knowledge and will work with you to develop the right customized program to address your organization’s needs. For more information on our strategic services and industry expertise, contact one of our team members at 1-800-929-0086 or email us at info@ducker.com