Electric Powered Vehicle Demand and Growth Opportunity

Electric Powered Vehicle Demand and Growth Opportunity

Hybrid Electric and Electric Vehicle Market Research

Development in electric power vehicles has gained momentum throughout the world and Ducker Worldwide clients are inquiring on what their next steps should be.   Demand for energy efficiency is increasing and with many attributes of the electric vehicle’s infrastructure yet to be clearly defined manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and investors within the auto and transportation industry are partnering with Ducker Worldwide for answers to critical growth decisions surronding the electric and hybrid electric vehicle market including:

  • Projected demand growth
  • Key demand issues:
    • Gas prices
    • Global / governement Consumer Incentives
    • Direct Injection & combustion engine improvements
    • Legislation
  • Product offereings and market demand
  • Growth potential and how to gain market share
  • Value chain analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Global growth by country and customer perferences
  • Geographic distribution and market share
  • Electric vehicle supply equipment
  • National policy and regulations
  • Technology advancements
  • Capital investment and return on invesment

Ducker Worldwide partners with key industry suppliers and distributors at all levels of the automotive and transportation industry value chain.  For more information on Ducker Worldwide’s research and consulting services within the hybrid and electric powered vehicle market please contact one or our industry experts at (800) 929-0086 or email us at info@ducker.com.

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